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The Herreshoff "Bullseye" is the exact same hull design as a 12.5, but Marconi rigged with spinnaker, and it has a cowling forward. These boats have been built by many people over the years since Nat designed it in 1915, but Cape Cod Shipbuilding has the only legal rights to the design. The full keeled boat is 15.5 feet overall and 12.5 feet on the waterline. It is the absolutely perfect day-sailer for parties up to four in coastal Maine waters.

Two seasons ago, as I was getting her ready to launch, the yard forklift brakes let go, and it came rolling down a hill and collided with the boat, throwing it out of the cradle before continuing to run into the building where I was standing. Had the oak cradle not gotten in the tires, I would be dead, so it can be said that this boat saved my life.

I'm happy to say she's been repaired and I'm looking forward to sailing again next season.