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Wyeth Art
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Living on the St. George peninsula one naturally develops an interest in Wyeth art. NC summered in Port Clyde and that brought all of the family to this area. Andy lives across the river in Cushing and Betsy has bought several of the Georges Islands at the mouth of the river. Jamie owns Southern Island at the mouth of Tenants Harbor and spends much of his time there. I have picked up several of their works at various sites on the net and you can view them here. All image copyrights are obviously held by the artist, and are shown here for non-commercial viewing purposes only.

Tinynew.gif (195 bytes)I have assembled here a source for books about the Wyeth family. This represents most of what is in print as best as I can tell. Just click on the various links to see more about each book. Purchases are through, the earth's largest bookstore.

Tinynew.gif (195 bytes) To purchase Wyeth prints (close to 70 are available) from, just click the appropriate link below:

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